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How to remove cigarette smoke from a popcorn ceiling

Popcorn ceilings were unavoidable from the 1950s to the early 1980s. They were a quick and inexpensive way to finish ceilings in houses and apartment buildings. Builders sprayed the ceiling with a stucco mixture that had a lumpy texture like cottage cheese. Many homeowners have gotten rid of their popcorn ceilings over the last half century because they were fashionable. But there are still plenty of popcorn caps out there, and the ones that need it needs to be cleaned. Here are some tips for cleaning popcorn ceilings, removing cobwebs, stains, and discoloration, and returning them to their mid-20th-century glory.

Remove dust and cobwebs

The easiest and safest way to remove dust and cobwebs from your popcorn ceiling is to use a vacuum cleaner. First, equip the vacuum cleaner with a brush and then gently rub it over the popcorn ceiling, being careful not to damage the texture. If you suspect the ceiling contains asbestos, put on a dust mask before cleaning.

Although this method is less efficient than vacuuming, you can also use a feather duster to pick up and remove dust or cobwebs. If the ceiling is very dirty, you may need to clean the feather duster to remove dust and debris buildup.

Remove everyday stains

Over time, things like cooking grease and nicotine from cigarette smoke can leave unsightly stains on light-colored popcorn ceilings. Before cleaning the ceiling with any liquid, test a small area with clean water to make sure the textured surface won’t melt.

If the ceiling is liquid resistant, make a cleaning solution by mixing lukewarm water with a mild dishwasher soap. Dip a soft cloth into the soapy water and wring it out. Gently blot the stains, being careful not to damage the blanket, and repeat the process as many times as necessary until the stains are gone. Be careful not to over saturate the blanket.

Removing yellow water stains and mold

A leaky roof can cause yellow water stains or mold on the ceiling of your popcorn house. If the ceiling passes the liquid test, you can remove yellow stains and mold with a bleach solution. Mix 1 part bleach with 5 parts water and gently dab the mixture onto the stains with a soft cloth. Repeat as needed to completely remove stains or mold, being careful not to over saturate the surface.

How to remove cigarette smoke from a popcorn ceiling

– Fill a spray bottle with pure hydrogen peroxide.

– Spray the smoke stains.

– Allow to dry.

– Repeat this process as needed.

– Pay attention to the mouth and eyes when using this method

Painting a popcorn ceiling

If you can’t use a liquid ceiling cleaner or the liquid cleaning methods didn’t remove the stains, you can paint the surface to create a clean look.

First, paint the ceiling with an oil-based primer to create a base for the paint. Allow the primer to dry completely for at least two hours, and then apply two coats of acrylic flat ceiling paint.

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How to remove cigarette smoke from a popcorn ceiling

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